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“Tyrolean Valleys”

Those who think of Tyrol think of the Alps first. Uninviting rock peaks, summits reaching defiantly to the heavens, ridges as thin as a blade, land forms not yet slurred by time. All this makes up this geologically young mountain range that is still in transformation. Where there are high mountains, there are deep valleys.

The Inntal is a like the lifeline of Tyrol. From this valley, numerous trenches run through the mountains. For thousands of years, humans have wrested life from these mountains, under the toughest conditions. We strive to offer you as many natural materials from our mountains and our native land as possible.

Therefore, our Swiss pine comes from the mountains of Zillertal, our larch comes from a sawmill in Brixental. Our product “Tyrolean Valleys” reflects the rough and diverse life in the Alps. Our uniquely chopped surfaces add that touch of singularity to the various products. The short lengths of 0.80 to 2.0 m allow for an even more diverse look. The front-end processing of tongue and groove is simple and results in almost no waste.

All products can be processed as grinded, chopped or lightly grinded.

Inntal Spruce natural

Alpbachtal Spruce steamed

Ötztal Thermal spruce

Brixental Larch

Zillertal Swiss pine

Stubaital Lärche gedämpft